About Us

Pioneer Establishment in Ceramic Industry

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Tecco ceramics is pioneer establishment in ceramic industry in India where there was already an important manufacturing business network dedicated to the ceramic sector. From the outset the company opted for technology and cutting-edge logistics to compete in an increasingly demanding market and constantly evolving. Its high rate of modernization makes this company apart from the rest, precisely because of its versatility and ability to react and adapt to customer needs. Priorities Tecco are based on developing “a quality product that meets the needs of customers.” To achieve this goal, the firm believes that heavily invested in innovation, quality and development is necessary because one of the main objectives of Vento is trying to stay ahead of the ceramic sector.

About Tecco

  • Our Mission

    To go beyond customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products, services and value

  • Our Vision

    High-quality products and competitive strength make Tecco Ceramics Company one of the outstanding global manufacturers and marketers of ceramic digital wall tiles.

  • Our Values

    Tecco Ceramics values the relationship with its employees, as well as the relationship with its buyer and suppliers.


Tecco Ceramic Dispatch Centre is located about 184 kms from Mundra port,the largest port in India.Well connected, the port is easily accessible by road and its geographical proximity and easy connectivity ensure minimum time lag for a shipment. The port of Mundra is frequented by all major shipping lines and provides flexibility in choice of lines that can be used to send shipments across the world without any obstacles as well as on time.


Tecco is only believe to provide quality product to the customer and it’s not a onetime act it is the habit of the company ,because of the quality we are able to retain our customer for a long term business and committed to ensure quality each and every time


The new digital injection system offers the possibility to achieve more variety in graphic design, more stable tones, greater definition and image sharpness, and decorated the entire contour of the parts and the depths of the reliefs. It also allows creating countless different pieces and flexible model changes and reducing surface defects Leveraging the advantages of this new digital printing system is powering the natural elements such as stone, wood or marble. These pieces are made with digital injection system that achieves very real designs.